Stronger With Every Step.

The Sitch

Obstacle course racing broke into the American market around 2010, exploding in popularity by 2014. BattleFrog was starting behind the market leaders and would have to count on their determined team, strong capitalization, and their patriotic homage to the Navy SEALs to make up that ground.

The Fix

We were lucky to work with leadership and staff that believed in pushing the envelope and making progress quickly. BattleFrog managed to make serious noise in the industry in a very short amount of time, eventually executing events coast to coast in the U.S.A. and Canada. Throughout this time, we took part in everything from branding and national level advertising to experiential and industrial design as well as television production; always seeking the best customer experience.


The guys at Win By Two had an immense impact on our business. Their creativity and drive for execution led to profound improvements in our business, as well as the experience for our customers. They put an enormous emphasis on the relationship between our brand and the ultimate consumer, playing an instrumental role in our initial growth with their outside-the-box approach.

Don MannFormer CEO, U.S. Navy SEAL