Love Is Blinds

The Sitch

The world of window treatments has been the same game for a long time. With decades of experience in the industry, the founders of DIY Blinds know all the secrets and know what’s best for the customer. They were tired of seeing such high prices for even the most simple window treatments, knowing that customers were getting gouged by companies not only on product cost but also on labor to set them up. That’s where the DIY part came into play, produce quality blinds and shades for a budget friendly price, allowing the customer to take responsibility for the installation to save themselves tons of cash.

The Fix

In the words of the late B-I-G, it was all a dream. This dream of a better way to service customers looking for quality window treatments on a budget had to overcome many obstacles before it could become a reality. We were there to guide the founders of DIY Blinds towards creating a brand to match their vision, but they wanted it all done at a pace to be completed yesterday. We worked tirelessly to deliver excellence across the board, while meeting their tight deadlines.