Find Your Hoppy Place.

The Sitch

The craft beer scene has exploded in the last decade or so, and we’re quite hoppy it has. It seems like every city now has a half dozen breweries frequently by beer lovers and maybe even their dogs. The people at Hopportunities wanted to give people an experience of being at dozens of breweries all at once. Their concept is to compile a smattering of the best beers from the best breweries and put them under one roof. Not only that, but they outfit their customers with a wristband that controls their access to a high-tech computerized tap system and tracks their tab as they enjoy some hoppy delights. Our challenge was to help make their brand fun and full of energy.

The Fix

The end result was right on the money. The name Hopportunities communicates the concept concisely, customers will have dozens and dozens of chances to taste a new brew or enjoy an old favorite. For the logo, we went with the “King of Hop” to keep the branding modern but infuse it with fun. After all, Hopportunities is the kind of place the family can hang out on a weekend and just enjoy the day. They have high aspirations of expanding their concept to new regions, and share their hoppy place with new customers.