The Right Drug at the Right Dose, the First Time.

The Sitch

Every year, millions of people across the globe deal with the effects of adverse drug interactions, and thousands of them pass away due to these effects. The bright minds at LABTAM are using modern tech to fight these unnecessary interactions and save the lives of countless people. Their mission is to bring personalized precision medicine to people around the world, using a propriety test to analyze patient DNA, matching them to the right prescription drugs and warning them of potentially harmful interactions.

The Fix

If you’re going to use the newest modern technology as your sales differentiator, you’d better look the part. The people at LABTAM wanted a brand that communicated trust, their use of cutting edge technology, complex science, patient personalization, and a mission to improve the lives of patients across the globe. They’ve accomplished the first task of building a great brand, now we’re hoping they change the world for the better.