Socks Reinvented.

The Sitch

When we heard about Lift 23’s mission to provide socks for the 23,000 homeless children in NYC shelters, we couldn’t help but be inspired. We then tested their socks and realized they were like no other sock we’d ever worn. They had an incredible product and purpose, our job was to help them show it to the world.

The Fix

We worked with the team at Lift 23 to create custom campaigns to drive consumer engagement. Designing new graphics and innovative packaging, we helped them elevate their image in retail settings across the country and their online presence. We like to think we played a small part in Lift 23’s continued effort to put some socks to great use in shelters all over.


As with many companies, we were spread thin and weren't able to allocate enough time to our messaging and creative. We tried many different "consultants" but were never satisfied until we met the folks from Win By Two. They took the time to get to know our product and ethos and went to work providing creative for us that was better than what we were envisioning ourselves. We now consider them a part of our team.

Ed Del GuercioFounder/CEO