Law So Hard, Competition Way Behind Us.

The Sitch

These days it seems like many attorneys get a bad rap, and the people at Lowercase are bent on changing that. They are a group of attorneys looking to change the way consumers deal with legal matters, eschewing the established practices of old and ushering in a new era of affordable, transparent legal guidance. We believe they’ll do just that.

The Fix

We focused on their core message of more law for less, and the benefits of an educated and informed client. Lowercase simply conveys the message of taking a case for a lower amount, its value proposition being lower legal fees and more transparency. The logo is primed to energize a movement, the fist is a rallying cry to rise up against the status quo, focus on clients before cash, and give the power of knowledge back to the people.


We thought we had our brand ready to launch. At the last minute, and within the span of just days, the guys at Win By Two convinced us to pull an audible. They had listened to our vision and created this incredible brand from scratch that was exactly what we had imagined.

Justin H. JaffeEsquire/Founding Partner