The Toughest Community on the Planet.

The Sitch

There may be no larger-growing sport than that of obstacle course racing. Not only do the courses provide an opportunity to test one’s physical and mental limits, but to experience a level of teamwork and camaraderie that just doesn’t exist in many places these days. Within this culture exists a faction of people who yearn for the hardest event of the year: a 24-hour, as many laps as possible event unmatched by any other obstacle race throughout the year.

The Fix

We helped the community relive this event through many of their favorite films. When you experience the race firsthand, it feels like a “movie,” so we thought what better way to show that off than to give race photos the Hollywood treatment. The photos created a buzz throughout the community offering many unique opportunities to further conversation about the event, including one of the images being shared by Tough Mudder in honor of Shark Week.


Win By Two's twist on our photos helped create an even greater emphasis on the greatness that was our endurance event. We work hard all year to prepare for this one endurance event- and their photos capture the epicness each and every one of us feel after competing.

Melissa DuganWTM Community Leader